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In these pages, you will find my best effort to capture our family history. I've tried to include our family direct ancestors as well as cousins and maybe a few unrelated folks even.

The Bratt family first landed the New Amsterdam Colony on a very early emigrant ship from Norway, in the mid 17th century. They resided in what became Albany New York until the early 20th century at which point, my paternal grandfather, Edward Judge Paul Bratt came out to the Los Angeles California area, living briefly in the San Fernando Valley, then raising his family in various locations of south Los Angeles. His son, Gerrit T. Bratt married Morneen K. Cutter and after briefly living in Oregon, took up residence in the San Gabriel Valley area, putting down firm roots in Claremont (half way between Los Angeles and San Bernardino).

Ed's maternal ancestry also contains rich history of the early United States, from early New England and Virginian settlements, to journeys over the Oregon and California wagon trails in the early 1850's and finally the rise of post gold-rush California. The Smith and Cutter families can trace their roots to early New England settlements. Beyond that, the Leftwich and Luper family ancestry represents a long history of farming life.

Larrain's family is more recently emigrated to the United States. Her grandfather's parents were from Spain, and emigrated to Peru where much of the Larrain family still live. Emilio Rodrigues Larrain originally came to the United States to study medicine. After completing his studies, he briefly returned to Peru, then emigrated and became a US citizen, residing in south Chicago, Illinois. Larrain's father and his wife moved for his employer, to Indianapolis, IN where they set down firm roots. Larrain was raised in Indianapolis and spent her youth splitting time between Indianapolis and Chicago, having family in both of these Midwestern metropolis locations.

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