Li'l Abner Program Cover

Looking through a box, for some old pictures, I stumbled upon this program for Lil Abner. The production was lots of fun and featured Rod Gilfry as Li'l Abner, Sally Girvin (Sara Caviar) as Daisy Mae, Arthur Cain as Marryin' Sam, Harold Sloane as General Bullmoose, Julie Waldman as Mammy Yokum, Steve Gassner as Pappy Yokum, David Zenger as Evil Eye Flragle, Pattie O'Toole as Appassionata Von Climax, and myself as Earthquake McGoon and many others. Hope you enjoy the memento.

I've made this available in two forms -- PDF if you want to read it like a book -- or as a zip file with all the images as jpgs.

PDF Link | Image Archive