I've been spending the last several weeks rebuilding my family history database / site. I've had numerous unexplained issues with it and I thought, maybe it was time for a refresh.

The new incantation is pretty much the same as the old one, but I added a few new features...

  1. I put in a widget that rotates between images on the front page. While I'll forever love that picture of my great grandma Lenore Speidel, it seemed that other family ancestors ought to have a place there, as well. Next, I want to find a better version that lets me include a link to whomever happens to be on display at the moment.
  2. I added (back) several cemetery records, which I'd somehow omitted in a prior update or two
  3. I've put in more photos of family members. I'll try to continue adding more as time goes on.

I'm sure there will be new bits coming. Sometime soon, I hope to more completely integrate the family history with this site management tool. For example, I'd like to be able to, easily drop in a link between articles here and new information in the family tree. All these things will come ... maybe.